Thursday, 1 September 2011

Finally settling in

Ok, so I am aware it has been a verrrry long time since my last post.  And in the intervening months, everything about our life has changed: new country, new house, new job, new school, new puppy (see pic below), new church.  The only things remaining the same are the people in our lives.  Our God is the same, which has been more meaningful to me than during any other transition in my life.  Our families and friends have remained just as supportive and loving through this transition as they always were, despite the fact that the miles between us have changed.

We've gone from living in a beautiful village of gloriously international Manchester, England, to a slightly "worn" neighborhood in small-town Indiana.  But God must have known we were coming, because a Japanese restaurant opened recently on the main road, just in time for our arrival!!  ;)

The good news is abundant.  We've found a great church full of warm people who welcomed us so well that on our very first Sunday, Little Man pronounced on the way home, "That is definitely the church where we need to be."  Out of the mouths of babes...  They are a great group of people, though, who have made room for us in the congregation.  I suspect our gifts will have a chance for exercise, but on the other hand, they aren't desperately in need of us, either.  That is just the right balance for us at this point in our life!

All through the move, each of thousands of details fell into place seamlessly.  A fortuitous Facebook post ended with a gorgeous, old house being dropped in our laps.  It meets all our needs, and even some of our dreams (butler's pantry!  leaded glass bay windows!  front porch!  shady trees!).  And best of all, a GREAT family of old friends, with 7 kids right across the street.  Little Man need never again be lonely.  :D  If you're heading through or near Marion, Indiana, get in touch; we love houseguests!!

The financial provision through this transition has been inspiring, too.  We basically had to start over; it felt like when we were first married 10 years ago.  In a two-week span, we had to buy: a car, two sets of mattresses, washer, dryer, and stove.  Talk about sticker shock!!!  But again, God went ahead of us to provide what we needed.  And we feel so loved by that care and provision.

It's a good thing the good news is abundant, because in some ways this has been the hardest move either of us have ever had to make.  The culture shock in reverse has been even more jolting than it was when we moved to England.  (Exhibit A: a near melt-down a few weeks ago in the grocery store bread aisle!  Why on earth are there soooo many brands and varieties of a simple loaf of bread????)  But here, too, God has gone ahead of us, preparing friends new and old who have lived in England (really, it's a bit spooky how many of us there are around here!!), proper English tea in the grocery store, and even a real butcher's shop, which set Big Man's heart at rest.  :)

So, I say with all my heart to God, "Thank you for being the God of Psalm 121."  He has kept our goings out and our comings in.  Amen.

The newly-six Little Man, and his puppy, Chester.


  1. Joseph & Chester look like a rather active pair! You are blessed! I found you from my friend Holly's blog. LOVING the wallpaper. ; )

  2. Abbie, welcome to my little corner of the web. As you can see, I haven't posted in a looong time, but the new year brings new opportunities, right? Glad to have you visit!